Challenge: Flash Mob

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Today I did something for the first time ever, I participated in a flash mob.  Not only did I participate in it, but I ‘organized’ it.  I put organized in quotes because it all happened by accident.

As part of my Fearlessly Facing Forty Challenge, my kids put ‘participate in a flash mob’ on the list.  Since I did not know how to become involved/participate in one, who to contact, or how to find out where one would be, I decided I’d just do one myself and invite a few friends.  So, what most people nowadays do, I posted it on my Facebook status.  Of course I had people I am friends with responded, wanting to come, had to work…  I figured I would have a few people show, but then  I worried, what if no one did. Not able to sleep because of worry, again, I turned to Facebook.  I found a site that caters to people living in my city.  I decided to put it out there, just so if people happened to be in the area, they could come and have a good laugh.

The next morning I woke up to a barrage of notices on Facebook, people were interested in participating!  I kind of just watched as people liked, commented, and shared.  Two fears rose in me; 1. No one would should, or 2. EVERYONE would show.  But, no problem, I could do this, just breathe.

Today was the day.  I woke up, went on my morning walk like normal, came home, and woke my three kiddos up to get ready (poor things, I drag them on all of my adventures).  We left early for Citrus Plaza (where it was to be held) with our stereos and phones in hand.

No one was there!

But, we were early.  We ordered food, figured out where it would be best to place the stereos, and sat back and waited…and waited.  My friend and her family came, and we waited, and waited.

Then, little by little, people began to show.  I wanted to run up and hug all of these people that I had never met before. Here, I was trying to create a flash mob so I could check it off my Fearlessly Facing Forty challenge list, and these people, who had never met me before, had come to help me check that off my list.

We did our dance, danced the Cupid Shuffle.  I don’t know if it looked good, or not-so-good, but to me, it was the best dance I had ever seen because these strangers had come together to help me, to laugh at themselves, and to laugh with each other.

When it was over, we all went around high-fiving each other.  One lady had told my friend that she had wanted to participate in a flash mob all her life, and now she could check that off of her list.  Made me think, how many people have things they have wanted to do all of their lives, but have never done it?  And why hadn’t they?  Did fear keep them from doing it?  Lack of confidence?  Lack of knowledge on how to do it?

What ever the reason, if you have something you’ve wanted to do your whole life, do it!  Don’t let fear or insecurity hold you back!  We don’t know how much time we have, we think we have forever, and then it seems we wake up old one day.  Unless it hurts someone else, screw it, just go and do it!

Wake up each day smiling, if for no other reason, smile just because you woke up.


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